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What's Your Process?

jc_steele_extruder_1.pngNo matter what process you are using or plan to use to form your products, we will help you select the right binder or coating for your unique combination of processing temperatures, moisture content, mixing methods, pressures, and other variables. our experts have vast experiences in many markets with many processes and know just what it takes to give your products the right strength, texture, and qualities you are looking for.

Wenger_Extruder_1.pngSome of our customers are running customized production equipment engineered specifically for their products and processes. Many of our customers however, run equipment from some of the best known equipment names in the business, including JC STEELE, WENGER, BAKER PERKINS, CPM (California Pellet Mill), ANDRITZ, ROSKAMP, CHAMPION, WOLVERINE, REYMOND, BUHLER, DIFFENBACHER, RUF, BOY, and MARS MINERAL.

alaska_pelletmill.jpgProducts can be made in Prilling_Pan.jpgmany ways. If you don't see your process in the list or a method similar to yours, don't worry, we can still help. Just give us a call or email us and we'll discuss your application with you and find a protein formula that works in your equipment.