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What's Your Product?

Take a look at the list of products on the left that use our proteins.

coal_pellets_close_up.jpgYou want to make your products with the highest quality, that's why you're here. We can help. Most of our customers are looking for greater product strength, improved binding, decreased defects, higher yields and recovery rates or improved texture. Whether you measure defects, yields, batt loss, fines, reruns, modulus of rupture, or something else, we can help you improve your products

Seed_Coating.jpgIf you are looking for coatings, we can develop one for you. Do you want gloss and sheen? Are you looking for a protective coating? Do you need a carrier for additives, color, a topcoat application that won't adhere? We can help. We even have strippable/peelable protective coatings.

Copper_Plates.jpgOur proteins also have other properties that are useful in different types of products. For copper mines our proteins are added to the electrolytic processing of copper from the ore. In similar processes they are used in the electroplating of metals and recycling of lead batteries.

Brick_Cube.jpgIn concrete and plaster, protein colloids offer plasticity, set retarding, slump control and other rheological properties.