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What Can Our Products Do For Yours?

Most of our customers are looking for binding strength for their products. Whether you are inventing something new or looking at innovative uses for specific raw materials, we can help you hold it all together. But our proteins do a lot more than just binding. See the list of properties to the left for some of features of our proteins.

molecule.pngCoatings are used for a variety of products and for various reasons. Seeds are coated with a germination package and color coded for identification using our protein coatings. Some of our coatings are used for their high sheen and gloss, for dust control, and as strippable biodegradable protective coatings for machinery parts.

Our proteins offer slow release for products like fertilizer granules, aquafeeds, and mosquito control products. Proteins are great emulsifiers and flocculating agents. We can also formulate protein binders for hard, soft, and flexible bonds.

Many of our customers take our proteins in liquid form or as  meltable gels. Our liquid binders offer excellent lubricity in machinery for lower amperage, higher throughput and longer wear life for parts.